"Have had tooth pain for a few years which my previous dentists wrote off as pain from clenching. My first visit with Dr. Gaitsgory and she discovered a deep cavity that was filled years ago was causing the pain and that I needed a root canal. Had I not found such a thorough dentist I would probably be down one tooth in the near future. I never take time to do reviews but because it is so hard to find great healthcare nowadays I feel she deserves the recognition!" -Sarah N

"I highly recommend Dr. Gaitsgory! I am deathly afraid of going to the dentist and put it off for 7 years. I only called for an appointment after I broke a tooth and needed a crown. I was literally in tears while waiting for my consultation."

"Dr. Gaitsgory and staff made me feel so much better about my procedure and made sure I was comfortable throughout it."

"I now feel better about going to the dentist and will be getting my 6 month checkups regularly with no fear."

"Thank you Dr. Gaitsgory and Staff!!!" -Christine S.

"This office has the nicest, friendliest and most competent staff of any dentist I've ever been to. I actually enjoy going to get my teeth cleaned!-Carol L.

"Great visit and I think the people that work there are wonderful. " -John M.

"Very professional and friendly staff! Always a great experience from meeting Rachael at reception, the efficiency and gentleness of the Hygienist to the expertise of Dr Gaitsgory. As wonderful an experience as going to the dentist can be. " -Christine G.

"A feel good dentist experience. Love Rachel, the receptionist, I am greeted warmly by name and feel welcomed. Dr. Gaitsgory came out to greet me and informed me they had a new hygienist. I forget her name but she was great, professional and very thorough. The hygienist had a few concerns to relate to Dr. Gaitsgory, we discussed them together and it was agreed treatment could wait until my next visit. I did not feel pushed into a treatment and appreciate taking part in the decision. " -Marjorie P.

"You all make it real easy to visit the dentist and I appreciate you not laughing every time you look in my mouth. :-) " -Peter S.

"My experience with Dr. Gaitsgory's office is exemplary. I learned of her skills with identifying and preserving at-risk molars, through crowning that matches the surrounding teeth. I happen to be the decay/filling prone boomer generation, that came late to fluoride and regular flossing. She explained the pros and cons clearly, providing me with current oral health information and left the choice to me.
I recommend her skill set, as she also has a sensitive, caring touch." -Lisa F.

"I haven't seen a dentist in 10 years but felt it was time to see someone. I just took a chance on Dr. Gaitsgory, I couldn't be happier. I was greeted by Rachel who was very nice and welcoming. Then I met the hygienist Joslyn(sp) who scraped my teeth with care. Dr. G came in for a final inspection and gave me some notice that I will need a crown in a couple of years. Treated with respect and care." -Daniel F.

"They just recently re-modeled and have new, updated equipment. The staff there is experienced, friendly, and excellent. I have nothing negative to say at all. " -Sean C.

"The office staff is friendly and very efficient. I have complete faith in Marianna's work." -Richard H.

"Very friendly atmosphere. People very professional and informative. I also like the idea of getting an email reminder of my appointment too. " -Joan D.

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