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Teeth Whitening – Framingham, MA

Lift Stubborn Stains, Restore Your Smile!

Framingham Premier Dental, Dr. Marianna Gaitsgory can beautify your smile with a simple treatment: teeth whitening. Teeth whitening services will brighten your smile eight or more shades, whether you use our in-office treatment or one of our convenient take-home kits.

The brisk sales of over-the-counter teeth whitening products are proof that a nice, white smile is highly coveted in our society. In fact, studies have shown that people who have healthy, white smiles are considered more successful and attractive. Unfortunately, over-the-counter teeth whitening products contain low concentrations of their active ingredients and can take a significant amount of time to produce even moderate results.

Before you get discouraged, there is a reliable, effective, and quick alternative: in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments with Dr. Marianna Gaitsgory!

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth stains are inevitable due to our consumption of a variety of foods and drinks (soda, spicy food, coffee, etc.). However, advanced teeth whitening technology has enabled our Framingham dentist and her team to whiten teeth without adversely affecting the tooth structure. The best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for this cosmetic dental treatment is by scheduling a consultation with us. That way, we can learn more about your dental history and your smile goals to determine if this is the ideal smile-enhancing service for you.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Almost all whitening methods are similar in concept, but some are much more effective because of the way the whitening material is delivered to the teeth. Another contributing factor is the concentration of the material, which is why less potent over-the-counter whitening systems usually don’t give patients the results they are hoping for. However, you can achieve dazzling results at our Framingham office with our professional in-office and take-home teeth whitening options!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

With take-home whitening, an impression is taken and a custom tray is made for the patient. Then, a supply of whitening gel is given to the patient and he/she wears the tray for a few hours each day (techniques differ) for a period of time until an acceptable result is achieved. Sensitivity of the teeth is a normal side-effect of this whitening method and is almost always transitional.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

On the other hand, Zoom! in-office whitening at Framingham Premier Dental is the most efficient means of whitening. The process is very simple. You can have your teeth whitened in one session and achieve significant results. We are happy to give you more detailed information and help you decide which method is more suitable for you and your teeth.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

You don’t want stubborn stains to resurface in a matter of weeks, right? Then make sure you do what you can to take care of your smile, including:

  • Consistently brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash
  • Avoiding unhealthy habits, like smoking
  • Using a straw when drinking dark-colored beverages (i.e., coffee, soda, wine)
  • Eating light-colored foods, like oatmeal and white fish
  • Getting a dental checkup and cleaning twice a year

Dr. Gaitsgory and our team look forward to brightening your smile with our in-office or take-home teeth whitening services. To schedule an appointment with our experienced, friendly staff, contact Framingham Premier Dental today at (508) 276-3098. We serve families in Middlesex County, Natick, Sudbury, Ashland, Southborough, Westborough, Marlborough, Hopkinton, Holliston, Sherborn, and beyond.