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5 Strangest Dental Emergencies

May 10, 2023

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Experiencing a dental emergency can be quite stressful, disrupting your meal, meeting, or even a night out with friends. However, there are some dental emergencies that are stranger and more unusual than others. From objects lodged in unexpected places to bizarre oral health issues, these dental emergencies will leave you both fascinated and bewildered. So, join us as we delve into the realm of five of the most peculiar dental emergencies that have ever occurred.

#1: Super Glue Gone Wrong

Attempting to repair damaged or broken dental restorations at home is strongly discouraged. However, there was one incident where an individual, after losing a dental crown, decided to use superglue to reattach it to their tooth.

Unfortunately, the outcome was far from successful, as the person accidentally fused the wrong teeth together. Additionally, they ended up with superglue in their throat and the roof of their mouth, creating further complications.

#2: Tomato Plant Procedure

During a visit to the emergency dentist for a toothache, a patient received an unexpected revelation. As the dentist began performing root canal therapy, they made a surprising discovery deep within the patient’s gums: seeds with tiny plants sprouting out of them. The patient later revealed that the seeds were from a tomato, leaving both the dentist and patient astonished by this unusual occurrence.

#3: Forgotten Root Canal

Root canals are generally considered a routine dental procedure with a high success rate, typically exceeding 95%. However, in an extraordinary case from 2005, a British man experienced unforeseen side effects following root canal therapy.

Remarkably, ever since the procedure, he has been unable to retain memories for more than 90 minutes at a time. Despite extensive medical investigation, doctors have been unable to uncover the exact cause of this perplexing condition, leaving them puzzled and searching for answers.

#4: DIY Palate Repair

While many dental emergencies require professional attention, some individuals attempt to tackle the issue on their own, often with unfortunate consequences. Such was the case with one man who resorted to self-repair.

However, his efforts led to a severe mouth infection, prompting him to finally seek help from his dentist. To their astonishment, the dentist discovered that the man had filled a hole in his palate with tissue wads, regularly replacing them every week. Unfortunately, this worsened his oral health far more than if he had sought immediate care from an emergency dentist.

#5: Calculus Bridge Catastrophe

When proper brushing and flossing are neglected, plaque and tartar accumulation can occur, leading to the development of a dental condition known as calculus bridge. Seeking professional dental intervention is crucial to address this issue.

However, one patient decided to take matters into his own hands. In an attempt to remove the calculus bridge, he vigorously brushed his teeth, unaware that the bridge was the only thing providing support to several of his teeth. Unfortunately, within minutes, the unintended consequence unfolded, resulting in the rapid loss of most of his teeth.

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